BMW is going after Mercedes, Volvo and Audi drivers with its new direct response campaign.  BMW’s DRM agency, Dukky, has sent out 25,000 mailers to premium vehicle owners in the tri-state area, where consumers can register for a test drive via a personalized activation site listed on the DRM piece.  Once the consumer is signed up for the test drive, they can share the promotional piece via email or on their social networks, while also receiving a $25 American Express gas card.  The personalized activation site allows Dukky to see the digital activity in real time, which then creates a new database of purchase intent and user feedback.

This is an interesting move by luxury brand BMW, as DRM marketing has never been seen as “high-class.”  But Dukky believes that their ability to track their target’s subsequent interaction with the material, i.e. signing up for a test drive and then perhaps posting to Facebook or Twitter, is what separates this DRM piece from the discount dry cleaner’s  direct mail pieces.

The use of a $25 gas card incentive helps get prospective clients past the initial part of the decision making process, where they usually talk themselves out of wanting to buy a new car.  Since BMW believes that one-test drive will evoke a positive emotional response to the brand and their cars, the $25 card was a small price to pay for people coming in and taking a test drive.

Dukky believes that BMW’s DRM piece will be much more successful than the typical return on direct mail of less than 2%, because they have combined DRM, online and social media which the company guarantees an 8% activation rate.

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