Airtime Video Chat Launches

Airtime is being described as a free browser-based Skype/Google+ hangout/Facebook chat web application, with a little bit of Chatroulette thrown in.  This person-to-person video calling application was built by Napster co-founders Shawn Fanning and Sean Parker and is built on top of the Facebook platform so it does require a Facebook account for use.

Fanning and Parker call this a “social discovery” application, as it aims to help people make new friends online by allowing users to chat with people they don’t know via a video call.  Users will log in through Facebook and will then be able to get Airtime alerts through instant messages.  Airtime will also be able to find people a partner based on common interests and mutual friends.  If calls with strangers isn’t your thing, that’s okay because the app works for friends too, similarly to Skype.  Though this app has a lot of fun features: being able to watch videos together, give each other props by having a shower of stars take over the screen, there are a few functions that are not available including sharing music and multiparty chats.

The Airtime launch had a lot of celebrity backing at their launch yesterday, but it’s still up in the air whether this will be an app that sticks or comes and goes like Chatroulette.  What do our readers think, will you be trying this app?

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iCache Mobile Wallet – Now Available

The iCache Geode was announced in April and interested parties have been patiently waiting for this product to actually become available.  The iCache Geode “is an iPhone case with a particularly wonderful twist — in addition to just wrapping a protective layer of plastic around your phone, it also sports a rewritable magstripe card on its rear end.”  Once users install the corresponding app, they can store their credit card information and turn this case into a GeoCard.  Additionally, there is a small e-ink display on the back of the Geode which stores information for your loyalty cards.  In order to make sure your credit card information is secure, there is a small fingerprint reader that only allows access to you.

With rumors of the new, slimmer, redesigned iPhones on the way, users will want to make sure that they are sticking with their iPhone 4/4s for a while longer before making the $199 investment. Will you go out and buy one?

For more information and a great introductory video, check out the full article at:


Amazon and XBox Team Up, Take on Netflix

Amazon and Xbox have teamed up to take on Netflix.  Amazon announced today that they will be providing an Instant Video service that utilizes the Xbox 360.  The Amazon Instant Video App costs $79-per-year (“Prime” service), but allows users to stream more than 17,000 movies ant TV shows from their Xbox 360.  Although there are no additional Amazon costs, besides the yearly $79, users will need the Xbox Live Gold Membership from Microsoft, which costs about $50.

This announcement is a big deal because Xbox 360 accounted for nearly 25% of Netflix’s traffic last year.  The partnership between Amazon and Xbox 360 not only benefits Amazon but also aims to get more people hooked on the media console, especially with Amazon’s Whispersync technology, which lets you start a movie or show on your Kindle Fire and switch to you Xbox 360, without interruptions.

For more information about this partnership, and the implications for Amazon Prime and Netflix, go to:


Google’s Project Glass

Google’s Project Glass first made its way onto the scene this past April, when the company announced that they would be bringing the world the first augmented reality glasses.  These glasses will project augmented reality images into the wearer’s field of vision, as well as having the ability to take pictures & video.  A great example of the glasses functionality is that when someone is wearing them, they will be able to see weather forecasts and what’s on their calendar for the day, as well as send texts and emails as projected in front of you.

Mashable got its hands on the first video as taken from these goggles.  Check it out herefilm Split 2017 online streaming

For a great look into what Project Glass offers, including photos & videos taken from the glasses, check out:

Additionally, Project Glass is developing a feature on the glasses that will offer text alerts for hearing impaired users.  Read all about how these glasses are working towards overcoming hearing obstacles:

Mobile Grocery Coupons – Huge Opportunity

There are plenty of people who are using scanners, QR codes and various apps to price shop at different retailers.  They go to a store, find the price and then the app or website will give them competitors rate all over town.  Food and medicine are two categories that have seen the least amount of smartphone usage (researching) for coupons and discounts.

But these categories won’t be left alone for long.  In fact, “Catalina, the company that powers loyalty programs for 30,000 stores nationwide (including those coupons at checkout), acquired mobile commerce company Modiv Mobile.”  Modiv, now Catalina Mobile’s app will work like this:  “A shopper walks into the store, opens the store-branded app and receives offers based on their shopping history. To skip the line at checkout, shoppers can scan barcodes of items they put into the cart to buy the haul right on the phone. Catalina says the app will be available in 200 more Stop & Shops this summer.”  The company knows that people are not going to scan a box of Cheerios and run across town if it’s a few cents or a dollar cheaper elsewhere, what people will do though is redeem food coupons through the app and either print them at home, or sync and load them onto their supermarket loyalty cards.

Additionally, a new app that has hit the market is SnipSnap.  This app simplifies the couponing process by allowing users to snap pictures of all of your coupons, save them to your iPhone and redeem them from your device, without having to carry around all those bits of paper.  The app also provides you with in-store reminders for when to use your coupons, expiration date alerts, uses for your “any” coupons and the ability to share with friends.

For more information on both products, check out the articles, here and here

Facebook Goes Public – BIG Changes For Users

One of the biggest stories around the world last week was the fact that Facebook became a publicly traded company.  In making this move, there will be a lot of changes that will affect the company, as well as the user’s experience.  Here are a few of the changes below:watch film Spectral now

  • Almost all privacy settings are being switched to “public”
  • Facebook will have to make money, which means more ads
  • Look for Facebook to start acquiring more technologies (Netflix, Spotify, etc) to feed its core business (giving people the power to share).
  • Details of the large acquisitions – including the Instagram deal
  • Less secrets from the company, including Mark Zuckerberg’s annual pay ($1.5 million in 2011)
  • More transparency.  The company will have to report to the federal government agency: the SEC with three reports; one quarterly, one annually and one every three years

For the full story and more details regarding how transparent the company has to be, check out:

And for those of you who are thinking about jumping ship, or moving in a different social media direction, check out this great article on 7 social networks that could replace FB.

Test Drive Cadillac’s CUE System via iPad

Cadillac is giving away an iPad to anyone who purchases a 2013 Cadillac XTS.  The iPad will be pre-loaded with Cadillac’s CUE app, My Cadillac app and OnStar remote link.  The CUE app simulates most of the controls and features of the CUE center stack in the XTS.  It provides tutorials and videos on how to operate each feature and allows you to practice using the features, without worrying that you might break something in your new car.  Having the ability to “test drive” your car (via touch screen and your voice) from your couch is a novel idea and good use of technology.

Cadillac is also adding a “geek squad” of sorts for cars with the CUE system.  These 25 Connected Consumer Experts will be spread out across the US to provide customer assistance and add an extra level of luxury service to owners.

Check out a great video that details this system:–cA0

Is this enough of an incentive to test drive this vehicle? Or do you think the company is simply rewarding those who are loyal customers and who would be purchasing the car anyways?

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Google’s Self-Driving Car Gets its License

Google’s self-driving car got its first license this week in the state of Nevada.  If you’re not totally up-to-date with this amazing computer-driven car – there is a great video here.  Google believes that this car will help save lives, because a majority of the 30,000 people killed each year in car crashes are due to human-driver error, and the addition of computer-driven cars could significantly reduce the number of deaths.

Google’s self-driving car uses sensors to watch cars, pedestrians and other obstacles, with additional technology and software that allows the car to read street signs and signals.  Google’s car also combines a number of technologies included in cars already, such as GPS tracking, wheel motion sensors and radar.

These modified Toyota Priuses are not available to the public yet, but the testing stages are proving that driver assisted technologies are working.

For the full story, go to:

Amazon’s Designer Vision

Amazon knows that it loses hundreds of millions of dollars each year on free shipping and free returns, and to be honest, the company is happy to do it since it keeps customers happy.   To make up some of those lost dollars, the company has decided to enter the high-end clothing business.  The reason for this is, shipping costs are about the same, whether it’s a $10 toy or a $5,000 gown, so why not go after the selling items like the gown with the much higher gross profit dollars per unit.  The company is courting designer brands to work with them and not against them.  They currently work with a few big names including: Michael Kors, Vivienne Westwood, Catherine Malandrino, Jack Spade and Tracy Reese.

This past Monday Amazon sponsored and provided a live-stream from the Costume Institute Benefit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the accompanying exhibit as a way to let designers and brands know their additional fashion-focused direction.  What Amazon has that is very desirable to these clients is a deep back pocket.  So if a designer needs models, photographers, nicer packaging, etc to highlight their clothes, Amazon can provide them.  One of the features being tested is an interactive product image, where the model is spinning and posing to show off the clothes.

The company’s success in this market will not be a slam dunk, as they’ve unsuccessfully tried to make a splash in this market before.  But with a bevy of fashion-focused sites (, and MyHabit) they’ve gotten some practice.  For more information, check out the full article at: