Is Grammar Still Sexy?

A couple of weeks ago, I saw this on one of my favorite blogs, and it made me laugh and got me thinking about the proper use of grammar in our frenetic-paced lifestyles. In the age of sound bytes, texting and communicating in 140 characters or less, does good grammar matter anymore? Does anyone still care?

As a literature major, marketing professional and someone who enjoys finding typos in restaurant menus, I care, but of course I am more than a little biased. If you want to be perceived as educated, thoughtful and as someone who can intelligently command the English language, then yes, pay attention to grammar and usage.
Under some circumstances, however, bad grammar can be more efficient and even advantageous. Brevity is king throughout many social media channels, and it has become universally understood and accepted that syntax and spelling fall by the wayside.

Where it really gets interesting is when copywriters create good campaigns based on bad grammar. When it’s done well, the copy does as was intended: it gets your attention and makes you pause on the message and creative a little longer than normal.

In some cases, as with the Got Milk? slogan, it takes on a life of its own and is copied ad nauseum (but that’s why it was so brilliant!)
The challenge today is that, since most of us consistently use bad grammar in our daily communications, will this type of disruptive advertising still be effective? To the point, would we even recognize bad grammar if we saw it?





Favorite Things, Fall Edition

Happy fall, everyone. I don’t know about you, but the dog days of summer have definitely worn out their welcome around here. Now that the temperatures are blissfully on their way down, I can cozy up to some of my fall loves and must haves.

Starbucks’ Pumpkin Spice Latte
It’s that time of year again, and I am rarely without a pumpkin latte, pumpkin muffin or pumpkin scone from Starbucks. Sure, the pumpkin spice latte is 380 calories – so you’re basically drinking your breakfast. No time like to present to start putting on that winter coat.

Time to bring out the ever-versatile accessory in a variety of colors. This Stella McCartney beauty is on my wish list.

Color Drives
There’s nothing quite like taking a drive and seeing the fall colors. Travel + Leisure has a nice roundup of some of the country’s best scenic fall motorways.

Red Lipstick
Truly one of the season’s best accessories, a fabulous red lipstick that complements your skin tone is a must. The trick is finding the one that looks best on you. Lancome’s Blazing Red looks great on almost everyone.

The Classics
There’s something about cooler weather that makes me want pick up one of the classics and settle in for a good afternoon read on a rainy day. This year I am rereading one my favorites, Great Expectations.

What are some of your favorite things for fall?

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Does the World Need Another iPhone 5 Blog Post?

With all of the iPhone 5 hoopla, I couldn’t help but wonder what the big deal is. Yes, it’s Apple. Yes, it’s a new iPhone. Apparently, that is enough to warrant a bazillion news articles and blog posts about Apple’s latest iteration.
Then I came across the latest LEAP Index by New Media Metrix. LEAP stands for Leveraging Emotional Attachment for Profit, and the firm measures peoples’ attachment to 350 brands across 45 categories. iPhone ranked #1 for 2012, edging out iPod that reigned supreme for the last couple of years. In fact, Apple and its product brands took 4 of the top 10 spots, technology brands 7 of the 10. The study clearly indicates we are becoming increasingly attached to technology, devices and brands that aim to streamline our lives. We like gadgets and we like our iPhones.
By most accounts, iPhone 5 is not revolutionary. It is sleeker, prettier, a tad faster with a larger screen; some argue its style trumps its substance. The brand, however, is strong enough to overcome that, largely in part from its predeccesors, which arguably were quite revolutionary. We could spend days discussing all of the other parts that contribute to the power and mystique of a standout brand, but let’s not go there just yet. I’ve got an iPhone 5 to preorder.


Tangerine Tango


As summer comes to a close and we enter into the final months of 2012, I thought we’d check in on this year’s Pantone ‘It’ color and take a look at how it has been interpreted throughout the design world.
Tangerine Tango quickly became the darling of home, industrial and fashion designers, cropping up in everything from bookcases to eyeliner. I have been decorating with this shade of orange for a couple of years now, so it has been validating to peruse the beautiful rooms that are now incorporating elements of this color. It exudes energy and warmth, and promises to kick things up a notch no matter how you use it.

HGTV provides inspiration for every room.

Handmade and vintage finds.

Pretty dresses.

A behind-the-scenes look at how Pantone forecasts its annual color.

Get your orange on at Sephora.

Pinterest boards are hopping with ideas.

Baby Photos Be Gone

Do you think people post way too many baby photos on Facebook? Apparently, enough people feel this way, as someone has developed a filter you can install via Google Chrome so that friends’ baby photos are replaced by photos of dogs, cats or anything else you think is cool. The filter is called
A chrome extension that deletes babies from your newsfeed permanently––by replacing them with awesome stuff.

As a new mom myself, I find this extension brilliant and hilarious. When it comes to posting baby photos on Facebook, I am a repeat offender, guilty as charged. I understand, however, that not everyone wants to see my little nine month old trying to put the dog’s bone in his mouth for the tenth time. So go ahead, filter away, but just don’t tell me that my baby photo you liked on Facebook was actually a photo of a dog in a Halloween costume. Ignorance is bliss.Watch movie online The Transporter Refueled (2015)

Shameless baby photo post. But isn’t he adorable?
Baby Liam

Polka Dots

From Studio M.M.E.

From Studio M.M.E.

Polka dots have been on the runways, in the magazines and throughout the fashion blogosphere for months now. Is this once popular trend here to stay for a while? Fashion is fickle so who really knows, but it sure is fun to see them cropping up in residential design, commercial spaces and lifestyle products.

Playful and fun, polka dots can really punch up an otherwise staid space in unexpected ways.

What past trends would you like to see back in popular demand? What trends have outlasted their welcome?

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Mountain House YouTube Video Campaign

We are happy to be working with the team behind Mountain House, a master-planned community east of Livermore, California that’s as special as the people who call it home. The best way to learn what it’s like living there is to experience it firsthand, but we wanted to help tell the story of Mountain House before potential buyers decided to visit.

Two YouTube video campaigns were created to share the narrative with as many people as possible. For the first, it was discovered that the early residents of Mountain House consider themselves to be pioneers and are bonded together in the shared experiences of living in this unique community. Called “Mountain House Moments,” the video series captures residents recalling memories and experiences that have made Mountain House home.

The second campaign, “Voices of Mountain House,” includes several videos that provide a kind of behind-the-scenes look at how various teams and entities have come together to execute the shared vision for the community. Key stakeholders such as new buyers, longtime residents, educators, builders and the developer talk about the thought and strategy behind Mountain House, from community planning, home design, education and access to nature and open spaces.

Check out a Voices of Mountain House video below. View more videos on the Mountain House YouTube channel HERE.

AIA Home Design Trends Survey

The American Institute of Architects recently came out with the results from its first quarter Home Design Trends Survey. Most notably, residential architects are indicating an improvement in overall business conditions and are seeing some stability developing in new construction. A bellwether for the homebuilding industry, business conditions at residential architecture firms improving is naturally encouraging news.

When it comes to design, in-home accessibility is the emerging trend; features like wider hallways, fewer steps and stairs, ramps and on-grade entrances intended to make entering/exiting and moving through the home easier are increasing in popularity. Flexible floorplans are also on the rise in addition to a growing preference for open space layouts over enclosed rooms. AIA findings are not surprising, given our aging Boomer population and a shift toward multigenerational housing.

Some builders are already addressing these trends. Shea SPACES and the Lennar NextGen home immediately come to mind as attempts to meet the needs of American households as their makeups shift and Green Room

Survey results also indicate an increased interest in outdoor living spaces. Maybe living in Southern California makes us take this for granted, but really, when have they ever been unpopular? Covered outdoor spaces and outdoor rooms are on the rise, and we see these design features as less of a trend and more of a key floorplan element in new home communities throughout Southern California.

Lets all hope for increased billings and some project backlog at residential architecture firms. Fingers crossed. To access the complete survey results,


It’s the first day of summer, and it already has us dreaming of backyard BBQs, poolside margaritas, beachy vacations and the easy breeziness that represents the lifestyle of June, July and August.


Imbibe the perfect summer cocktail.

Whipe up a berry galette and serve with ice cream.

Whipe up a berry galette and serve with ice cream.

Live life outdoors.

Live life outdoors.

Nap in a Corona commercial.

Nap in a Corona commercial.

Go for a bike ride.

Go for a bike ride.

What images come to mind when you think of summer? Where are the places you’d rather be?