might be what television of the future looks like. is inventing a version of a TV network for viewers who gravitate to shows that appeal directly to who they are, instead of the mass audience shows like American Idol.   Audiences can watch dozens of shows in one sitting, as most shows are under six minutes long. does not charge to host or distribute shows, and it does not ask for exclusivity.  Instead it provides services to producers too small to sell advertising or build a network on their own.  The company splits revenue evenly with content producers, minus a cut for distributors such as YouTube.’s goal is to be able to accommodate a new world of thousands of start-up web shows that address a niche and are ad-friendly.

With one free upload’s 48,000 web shows will be available through various distribution streams, including YouTube, NBC local sites, the Roku set-top box and Vimeo. also has existing distribution deals with Verizon Fios, Sony TVs, Apple’s iTunes, AOL, MSN, Facebook and MySpace.’s partnership with YouTube will be extremely beneficial for blip’s advertisers because YouTube will share analytics with, allowing it to feed them into ComScore, which will allow for more accurate metrics for advertisers.  It’s part of YouTube’s new willingness to accommodate content producers, as it did when it integrated ESPN and Sony earlier this year.

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