The Coca-Cola company will be bringing cohesion to its portfolio of global juice brands, beginning this month and throughout 2010.  The re branded packaging will start with Minute Maid and will expand to Del Valle, Andina and Cappy.  The company believes the cohesive packaging message will further strengthen its place in the global juice category, and will also reduce operating costs while increasing speed and efficiency of the packaging.  According to the company, this change in packaging is also “the first step in a larger business strategy that will include product and sustainability innovations, new partnerships, support for local businesses and the expansion of juice products to new markets.”

Coca-Cola must be very confident in its new design if they are attempting this rebrand so quickly after PepsiCo’s Tropicana nightmare.  For more on the new look, go to:

Richard Branson has never been one to rest on his laurels, so it comes as no surprise that when he was redesigning that the site would have a little of everything.  Not only does the new let consumers learn about the company, but it also includes real-time dialogue.  The goal of the site was two fold: lead generation and social activity.  The site hosts several modules, which are flexible and allow each company within Virgin to manage their own pages while keeping the look consistent.  The modules host the following corporate and social features:Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

  • Quick Talk — Allow users to chat with employees
  • Ask Richard — Ask Richard Branson anything you like, and the highest rated question gets answered.
  • Deals & Offers
  • News and Press Releases
  • Video
  • Photo Slide Show
  • Your Say (Recent comments)
  • Fans (of a particular Virgin company)
  • Support
  • Community Activities

For more details about how this site came to fruition, go to:

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