Switched.com has provided 12 gadgets that they feel every student needs.  Even though I’m now part of the working instead of academia, I might check out a couple of these gadgets, they look awesome!

1) JBL Onstage 400p iPod Dock/Alarm Clock – Why wake up to that annoying beeping when you could rise and shine to the music you love.  Definitely helps to start the day off on the right foot!

2) Doorganizer – This hanging organizer fits perfectly over your doorknob and allows you to find those too-early-in-the-morning-to-actually-think necessities.  It definitely beats out my current system of post-its.

3) InfoScan TS Elite – Although it looks like a highlighter, this portable scanner holds up to 500 pages worth of data.  You can scan the data directly from the page and the TS Elite will read, save and then transfer it to  your computer.

4) Smencils – These gourmet-scented pencils – bubble gum, cinnamon and root beer – not only smell delicious but they are fun and environmentally friendly.

5) Anti-theft lunch bags – Never have your lunch stolen again.  These bags are specially designed to make your sandwich look disgusting and mold-ridden.  Both your kid’s and your lunch will be safe from potential thieves.

6) Targus HeatDefense – Keeping your laptop cool is the key to prolonging your battery life.  The HeatDefense not only helps keep your computer at a safe temperature but it also keeps your lap cool.

7) Seagate FreeAgent Go – You always want to make sure that your data is backed up.  The FreeAgent Go backs up your data automatically and has encryption technology to keep your files safe.

8) Ecosol Powerstick – This back up power device allows you to charge your cell phone or PDA while on the go.

9) ASUS Eee PC – In the market for an affordable, but reliable PC? The ASUS Eee PC is great for getting you through a day’s worth of lectures and presentations, as it boasts a 10.5 hour battery life.

10) Livescribe Pulse – This pen is also a digital recorder.  It allows you to tap on what you wrote to listen to the corresponding part of the recording.

11) PowerSquid Surge3000 Calamari Edition – This surge protector is designed for today’s electronics and is particularly useful for rooms where outlets are rare.

12) Sony Reader Touch Edition – The eReader offers more flexibility and 1 million free public domain books from Google and other titles from Sony’s own eBook store.

Hopefully one or more of these items captured your attention.  Like I said, Switched.com picked these gadgets out for the modern day student, but I can see myself utilizing almost all of them at my workplace.  If you happen to purchase any of these gadgets we want to hear your reviews!

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