Any parent who has struggled with their kid’s grades not being what they should be, will definitely love this new website:  SmartyCard puts schooling on an explicitly quid pro quo basis by bribing the children to get correct answers on quizzes that the website provides.  Parents set up accounts so that when their kids log-in they can start earning rewards points that amount to prizes- anything from toys, CD’s, video games and books.  Kids take tests on subjects that are appropriate to their grade level (right now the site is optimized for 3rd through 6th grade) and when kids get the answer right they earn points that they can use towards a reward/prize.

This sounds pretty cool to me.  Although I don’ t have kids yet, I know that bribery always worked to get me to do my homework.  Being able to learn to earn is a great way to make sure that kids are understanding what they are learning in school.  If the satisfaction of good grades isn’t a big enough motivator, maybe a CD or toys will be.

Go to to learn more about this website or to sign up!

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