Crest has launched it’s first Web campaign for its teeth-whitening system. gives visitors a “customizable kissing experience.”  Consumers choose whether they want to kiss Olivia or Fernando and then the 3-D kissing experience allows you to choose from 6 styles, ranging from steamy to cotton candy.  Once the makeout session is over Olivia & Fernando takes off their white strips and you see the tagline “so secure you can kiss with it on”, then users see a commercial for Crest Whitestrips Advanced Seal whitening system.

The catch is that these visual effects need the 3-D glasses, but Crest is not distributing any.  Their hope is that launching the site so soon after the Super Bowl will allow users to reuse one of the 125 million pairs that Pepsi distributed 125 million before the Super Bowl,  for the 3-D Pepsi, Chuck and Monsters vs. Aliens promos.

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