Airtime is being described as a free browser-based Skype/Google+ hangout/Facebook chat web application, with a little bit of Chatroulette thrown in.  This person-to-person video calling application was built by Napster co-founders Shawn Fanning and Sean Parker and is built on top of the Facebook platform so it does require a Facebook account for use.

Fanning and Parker call this a “social discovery” application, as it aims to help people make new friends online by allowing users to chat with people they don’t know via a video call.  Users will log in through Facebook and will then be able to get Airtime alerts through instant messages.  Airtime will also be able to find people a partner based on common interests and mutual friends.  If calls with strangers isn’t your thing, that’s okay because the app works for friends too, similarly to Skype.  Though this app has a lot of fun features: being able to watch videos together, give each other props by having a shower of stars take over the screen, there are a few functions that are not available including sharing music and multiparty chats.

The Airtime launch had a lot of celebrity backing at their launch yesterday, but it’s still up in the air whether this will be an app that sticks or comes and goes like Chatroulette.  What do our readers think, will you be trying this app?

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