Google has been quite busy lately.  It was just last week we told you about their new way to view news with Fast Flip, then Google went ahead and bought reCAPTCHA, a company that will help fight against spamming and fraud services, and just yesterday Google updated its Sync technology to provide push email for smart phone users.  Now, Google is presenting to us, Sidewiki, a tool that allows users to post and read comment about any website, or attach comments to specific content on a webpage.

Sidewiki hopes that users will share their expertise and knowledge, by adding value information to the existing content on websites.  Google will continue to uphold its standards by showing the most relevant Sidiwiki entries first by analyzing each submission (using an algorithm that promotes the most useful, high-quality entries) and and making sure those entries are at the top of the Sidewiki tool.   In order to access and use Sidewiki, you can download the Google Toolbar (Firefox and Internet Explorer) or install it directly from

I think this tool is genius! Just yesterday I was online looking to buy a futon and wanted to get other users reviews.  Instead of having to open up a whole new tab or window to do a separate search for user reviews, I would be able to have access to that information from the page that I am going to purchase it from.  I think that the Sidewiki tool will provide more usefulness than people can imagine.  When you start using the Sidewiki tool, let us know what you think.  Is it helpful to you? Or is just an added window that takes away from viewing your content cleanly?

Here is a video that walks you through Google’s Sidewiki:

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