Federated Media Publishing, or the FM network, is rolling out a new option for advertisers called Ad Stamp.  Ad Stamp combines two of the industry’s largest ad units with a companion banner that pulls social media content.

FM currently offers a large “pushdown” ad, which is a 970×418 pixel banner at the top of Web pages that collapses to 970×60.  With Ad Stamp, FM will also place a “tower” ad on the right side of pages that measures 300×600 and they will add a social touch to their package with a 300×250 “conversationalist” ad that is placed at the bottom of pages and pulls in brand-related feeds.  The “conversationalist” ad pulls feeds from blog post, Tweets and also includes options for friending the advertised products or services via Facebook, or as a follower on Twitter.  According to the FM CEO, the goal of Ad Stamp is to build a Web ad product that serves the similar purpose as a 2-page spread in magazines or a 30-second commerical spot.

There is of course risk involved with advertising like this, where most of a web page’s real estate is dedicated to advertising.  Consumers may not like this new format and could express distaste for Ad Stamp, as consumers have mentioned their dislike for pop-up, pop-under and interstitial ads.  Ad Stamp’s rebuttal is that the three units the program provides work in concert for a single brand and actually provide a better user experience than the scattered advertising units we see now.

For more about the Ad Stamp program, including statistics and ad caps, go to: http://www.reuters.com/article/pressRelease/idUS112587+10-Sep-2009+BW20090910


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