Americans are slowly becoming a nation of trackers.  With the new technologies available, you no longer have to play the guessing and/or waiting game when it comes to getting what you ordered.  In the early days of tracking (1995) UPS had around 100,000 online tracking requests.  By last December, UPS was up to over 27.3 million tracking requests per day.

As companies begin to roll out more advanced and functional websites and more people shop and order online, people no longer want to be surprised when their package, food, etc are going to be delivered.  For example, Domino’s spent a lot of money to launch their online delivery service.  I was always worried about ordering my pizza online because I wanted to make sure that someone was going to see my order and actually make the pizza.  But then last year, Domino’s rolled out it’s Pizza Tracker which utilizes the same technologies as UPS and FedEx to send out constant updates to consumers about the pizza’s whereabouts.  Domino’s sees this technology as more than just a marketing tool, but as a window into the world of Domino’s online consumers.

More and more companies are adding tracking to their websites, it started with the delivery services (FedEx, UPS) but has now moved to Flight Trackers, Bus Trackers, Spending Trackers, Food Trackers and Kid Trackers.  To read about how each of these different tracking technologies work and how they benefit the consumer and the business, go to:

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