Effective social media is rooted in being thankful and kind.

Social media is by definition ‘social’. Manners matter. To be successful in the social space, start by having a perspective of being thankful and kind. This is at the soul of social engagement whether it is virtual on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. or in real life. (For reference here is our Google+ page to show what engagement can look like.)


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Here are 6 foundational guidelines that apply across social channels.

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3 Ways to be Kind

1. Speak when spoken to.

If someone asks you a question on Twitter or comments on your Facebook page – respond. They were kind enough to spend time on your content– be kind enough to notice. [TIP: Hootesuite is great for listening.]

2. If you can’t say something nice – don’t say anything at all.

Being negative on anything is a turn off. It’s fine to have an evocative point of view or respectfully disagree, just don’t be negative.

3. Be helpful.

Social media is about sharing things (content) that help people, inspire people, or entertain people. Provide quality content and you earn the privilege to share what your business is about. [TIP: Stop selling and you can actually earn more customers.]

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3 ways to say thank you:

1. Say ‘thank you’.

From ‘TYSM’ to ‘TY’ to ‘Thank you’. Type it often and mean it.

2. Reciprocate support.

If a person follows you on Twitter or Pinterest –follow back.  Unless you are a celebrity that needs to keep a distance from fans, connect. Lennar on Twitter is a fantastic example of this in the building industry.

Also, if someone re-tweets or re-pins your content, look for an opportunity to re-tweet or re-pin something from them.

3. Promote others.

Social spaces are communities. Be generous in supporting synergistic neighbors and they’ll be supportive. For example, Twitter is known for #FollowFriday where people recommend profiles for other to follow.


We’ll be getting into more  “How to” details related to social media in the future. Stay tuned and don’t be shy in signing up for insights in your inbox!

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