Break Media and Hall & Partners recently conducted a survey of over 500 men between the ages of 18-34 to track their online activities, as well as get their opinion on online advertising.  The most astonishing number was that 69% of respondents said they could not live without the internet, compared to only 39% of who said the same about television.  Results also showed that men prefer online ads that create a pervasive message (like site takeovers).  Almost half of the respondents have purchased a product or service as a result of an online ad.  Additional thoughts about their online behavior are listed below:
• 40% percent of men say they pay more attention to ads with video than without.
• Men retain brand awareness from viewing banner ads and other forms of online media. Although they might not click, nearly 60% say they notice the companies that are advertising.
• Almost 40% of men pay more attention to online ads than those in newspapers or magazines.
• Men are more receptive to interactive games and contests. Ads that involve playing a game or contest increase appeal by 35% and 34%, respectively.
• Site takeovers do not bother 63% of respondents nor does five-second preroll, according to 58%. This number goes down, the longer the ad. Thirty-six percent said they like or are not bothered by 15-second preroll. Slightly less (30%) said the same about 30-second preroll.
• Almost half (47%) of men who saw an ad online have gone on to purchase the item at retail. Thirty-nine percent purchased something online after viewing a digital ad.

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