Below is a list of 10 ways that Twitter will become more tightly integrated with mainstream blogging. Though some of these are not yet available, be on the look out for the emergence of Twitter into the mainstream.

1. Tweetbacks (not yet available) will show the number of people who have tweeted your post (including all reverse engineered tinyurls).

2. Tweestats (not yet available) will add “most tweeted” and “recently tweeted” blog post sections.

3. TweetThis will be a new way of effectively sharing new links online.  TweetThis works like the current social networking plugins: AddThis and ShareThis.

4. Tweets move out of the sidebar allows bloggers to mix posts and tweets into a single colum together via Tumblr, rather than keeping them in the sidebar. New themes will have a built-in style for displaying tweets in an elegant way, and WordPress users will find the Twitter tools plugin useful.

5. Tweet Comments will allow blog visitors to comment on tweets displayed within a blog – whether they are a Twitter user or not.

6. BlogTweet feeds will have the option of including or excluding tweets.  This video tutorial will help you.

7. Blog comment form changes allows bloggers to add a form field for people to fill in their Twitter account name when adding comments on blogs.

8. New sidebar widgets include the Favorites widget which displays recent favorite tweets and this day in history widget (not yet available).

9. TwitterRolls let bloggers list their favorite tweeters and optionally a short note on why they are worth following.

10. Blog design influenced by Twitter themes

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