Xmarks: Bookmark Wisdom – Xmarks (xmarks.com) acts in two ways, you can enter a site name at the Xmarks site and it will let you know what other people think of the site via a rating scale for how often the site is bookmarked.  Or you can install the Xmarks browser add-on and when you search the Google, Microsoft’s Live Search or Yahoo, Xmarks will offer further information about the three links per page that have the highest score.

Gazaro: Your Personal Shopper – Gazaro (gazaro.com) analyzes the piece history of a product and tells you whether the price a site offers is really a good deal, based on past prices.  Gazaro rates deals on a score of 1 to 10 with an 8, 9, or 10 meaning buy it now.

Ensembli: News That Reads Your Mind – Ensembli (emsembli.com) allows you to set up a free account, where you type in a subject and it will give you a list of recent news stories on that topic.  Over time it keeps track of the types of stories you read and gives you more of those, while eliminating the types of stories you delete.

Primal Fusion: Thought Networking? – The buzz phrase at Primal Fusion (primalfusion.com) is “thought networking.”  When you give Primal Fusion a topic it presents a tag cloud of semantically related concepts such as reputation management or sharing.  From these sub concepts you choose the ones you are most interested in and the information sources you like using, Primal Fear can build you a custom website with links to all the info it has found.

Evri: Content Finder – Evri (evri.com) is a service that aims to find content related to content you’re already reading.

Howsimple: Simply Too Much – The Howsimple.com system aggregates search results from multiple search engines, but instead of just showing you hyperlinks plus snippets of information from each link and it can open up as many as 35 windows at once.

Kutano: Comment Anywhere – Kutano (kutano.com) is a browser add-on that lets you comment anywhere, even if the site you are visiting has no user forms.

Jadoos: Controlling Your Social Networks – Jadoos (jadoos.com) is a browser widget modeled on a TV remote control; you click a button on the widget, and it automatically opens your Facebook or Twitter account without having to remember all of your log-in information.

Sobees: Aggregation on Your Desktop – Sobees (sobees.com) is designed to collect and categorize Web-based information but Sobees does it in a desktop application instead of a site or browser add-on.

7 Billion People: More Personalized Shopping – 7 Billion People (7bpeople.com) is a service that the company hopes e-commerce sites will you to make shopping more personal.

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